High School's Besut Kode Result

Oleh: Siska Doviana
5 Jan 2017

As we enter the seventh month of High School’s Besut Kode, the participants is now on a new follow up competition International coding competition Google Code-in. This competition begin on November 2016 and will ended in mid January 2017.

High School's Besut Kode laptop recipient

Before we discuss Indonesian Besut Kode high school participant’s achievement in Google Code-in, let’s go back and see the result of the program itself when it launch in June 2016.

High school Besut Kode registration

In total there are 290 participants signing up to enter high school Besut Kode coming from 49 cities in Indonesia, the result shows majority of registration still come from urban and cities setting. Bandung is on the top of participation numbers with 52 registrations, followed by Jakarta (35), Yogyakarta (28), Surabaya (19), Samarinda (18), Balikpapan (14), Padang (12). Number of registration total divided by cities

Out of 290 total registrations, only five received high school’s Besut Kode certificates, six received Project Euler certificate, and three received laptops. One of the participant, Yudhis, documented his experience in Besut Kode competition through rumah inspirasi’s blog in here

Project Euler’s Besut Kode certificate recipient

  1. Rafid Aslam - Kebumen
  2. Sage Muhammad Abdullah - Jakarta
  3. Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan - Jakarta
  4. Raefaldhi Amartya Junior - Bandung
  5. Galangkangin Gotera - Bali
  6. Maharaj Fawwaz Almuqaddim Yusran - Yogyakarta

High school’s Besut completion certificate

  1. Rafid Aslam - Kebumen
  2. Sage Muhammad Abdullah - Jakarta
  3. Yudhistira Gowo Samiaji - Jakarta
  4. Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan - Jakarta
  5. Raefaldhi Amartya Junior - Bandung

High school Besut Kode’s laptop recipient

  1. Rafid Aslam - Kebumen
  2. Raefaldhi Amartya Junior - Bandung
  3. Yudhistira Gowo Samiaji - Jakarta

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