Besut Kode SMA What, When, Why, and How?

Oleh: Siska Doviana
27 Dec 2016

Exactly six months ago, on June 27, 2016 Wikimedia Indonesia launched “Besut Kode”, an online programming competition dedicated to introduce open source software development for high school students, vocational, and Madrasah aiming students aged 13 to 17 years old.

In this program, high school students were asked to solve a given problem, and the mentor will certify participants to qualify for next round or fall. Participants who qualify will receive Besut Kode certificate and if deemed potential, mentor will help the participants to pursue to international competition Google Code-in, open on November 2016.

Besut Kode mentor, John Vandenberg, flown in from Australia, is in Indonesia to train Indonesian participants to analyze and fix open source software.

John Vandenberg Besut Kode Mentor High School

Why Besut Kode High School?

John has been a volunteer mentor for Google Code-in under Wikimedia Foundation since 2014. John’s interest to launch Besut Kode comes in twofold for Indonesian open source software user to be aware of open source and not only as a “user” but also as a “contributor”, to improve the software they often use.

So Besut Kode High School alumni participants will consist of Indonesian kids who’s interest and expertise is to fix open source software.

Besut Kode High School itself is a learning platform provided for high school level kids who are willing to learn new things related to computer programming and networking. For this entire Besut Kode programs, activities are visible via GitHub, and the participants acknowledged that one of the most difficult thing to get used to and learn is how to properly use GitHub.

Participant Besut Kode High School Round I

When was the Besut Kode High School happened?

Besut Kode high school program launched on 27 June and will ended on 30 January 2017. Registration for Besut Kode High School is divided into three rounds. The first one open on June 27, 2016 (Round I), July 21 (Round II) and August 21 (Round III) Besut Kode highs school ended all registration on September 20, 2016.

The ultimate success of participating in Besut Kode High School an upgraded ability from participating in national level competition to actually excell in international level programming competitions held by Google Code-in 2016. The announcement for Google Code-in winners will happend in mid January 2017.

At the beginning of Besut Kode High School, participants who have filled out the registration form via google docs then asked to complete module 1 to module 5.

If they successfully complete the module 1-5, then participants will be invited to attend an intensive workshop where all travel expenses borne by the Wikimedia Indonesia.

Workshop II Besut codes SMAN 3 Bandung

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